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Jay Hieron: "GSP Should Ride Off Into The Sunset"

UFC veteran Jay Hieron was on the most recent episode of Shark Fights with Billy Mira to discuss his storied career, Georges St. Pierre’s desire to return to fighting and his newfound passion as an actor and stuntman.

Hieron is one of the only MMA vets to fight for every major promotion in the sport. During his time as a fighter he fought for the IFL, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator, Affliction and the UFC. Jay finished his career with a record of 23 wins and 7 losses, facing greats such as Georges St. Pierre, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. He is most notably remembered for partaking in one of the bloodiest wars in mixed martial arts history, when he faced Jonathan Goulet during the second ever UFC Fight Night.

When asked about the bloody battle Hieron said:

“I was flowing blood for like three or four days after that. I was still in the fight, no doubt about it. I was all over this kid. The blood just wouldn’t stop. Every time I’d squeeze it, it was squirting out of my forehead like a faucet. I was covered head to toe in blood. He was covered head to toe in blood. Yeah, it was good for the fans!”

The former Welterweight also discussed his decision to retire, stating:

“When I did announce my retirement, it took a year. When I did it I was content. I fought professionally for twelve years, I won a world title, I traveled the world with the fight game and it opened my doors to this (acting). I never say, “I could give it one more go.” I gave it all I had. Every fight I had, I prepared one hundred percent. Win or lose, I would never give up and gave it my best. That’s why I sat down with it and I was good with this decision.”

He also had some advice for Georges St. Pierre on his recent choice to return to the UFC:

“I think Georges, should ride off into the sunset, he should squash any comeback. He went out a champion. He made a lot of money. He’s worth his couple of mils (millions). What else do you have to prove, but come back and tarnish your own legacy? No man can outrun father time. Even if he did come back and win a fight, now what? The training is going and moving, and they’re going to want you to fight this guy or that guy. Do you need it for money or are you just missing something in your life and want to compete? You just need to find something else to do. I think us as fighters need to just listen. You accomplished so much. You’re a multiple time UFC World Champion, you fought the best and you made a lot of money. Ride off into the sunset, drink your margarita and smoke your cigar.”

Recently Georges St. Pierre has made his desire to return to the UFC and face recently crowned Middleweight Champion, Michael Bisping. St. Pierre announced his retirement from the sport two years ago citing issues of memory loss and stress. While his choice to return is entirely his own, maybe he should heed the advice of fighters that came up alongside him and not tarnish his legacy. Georges himself has spent a little time in film but seems pretty adamant about returning to MMA.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to Jay Hieron, he is content with his new career as an actor and stuntman. Jay has appeared in films such as The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Heat and The Purge: Election Year. Hieron is also working on many of the Marvel TV shows, based on adaptations from popular comic books.