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The Fight Life: The King & The Psycho- King Mo vs Jacob Noe

[youtube=] The funny thing about Las Vegas is that it is a big city, yet a small town. When you step into the world of mixed martial arts, it gets to be a lot smaller. This is how the feud between Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal and Jacob Noe got started. Syndicate Mixed Martial Arts quickly rose to become "The gym" for many of the fighters in town to come in, train and have some of the best sparring sessions in the country. Eventually this sort of thing happens, one fighter moonlights for the sparring sessions and another dedicates himself to the team, then someone is asked to leave. Words get said, the mainstream media gets ahold of it and here we are.

One can't chalk this up to miscommunication, it's simply about the state of MMA today and where loyalties lie. King Mo and Jacob Noe are simply navigating the waters of the politics that have taken over the sport of mixed martial arts. King Mo has told us plainly, "I love the sport of MMA. I just don't like the culture." The thing about the culture of MMA is that it is completely different from any other sport out there. There aren't that many fighters (if any) making millions of dollars and bringing in their own team of sparring partners. MMA is bred from the idea that iron sharpens iron and the best mixed martial artists eventually cross paths and train together when possible. King Mo's approach to training is right in line with the standard of the sport today. The problem with the standard is that at times you could be asked to leave a place where you have been training when it comes time to fight someone you may have been training with.

Jacob Noe on the other has taken the approach of choosing a gym to call home and stick with it. I have been told by numerous promoters, sponsors, agents and managers that when it comes to fighters, there is no loyalty in this sport. Jacob Noe has just tested that theory. His choice to make Syndicate MMA his home has given him the opportunity to train at a gym where the best fighters in the country have gathered for epic sparring sessions and blend ideas. "I committed to this team. I'm at John Wood's house, I called him and said 'I want to be part of this team.' I'm here everyday, I'm grinding.", said Jacob Noe about making the decision to join Syndicate.

Soon thereafter, with the possibility of Jacob Noe and King Mo having to face off in the Bellator tourney, King Mo was asked to leave. After both fighters literally retired their respective opponents at Bellator 96, the matchup between the two was set. Jacob is not taking anything personally and hopes that things can be settled between the two after the fight. Meanwhile, King Mo feels that there is nothing left to say and is fully focused on the bout. Both fighters feel that they match up great against one another and plan on putting on a great show July 31, 2013. If you are in the Albuquerque area you can still get tickets to this stacked Bellator card which will be taking place at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, NM. The event will also be broadcast on Spike TV starting at 7pm.

Video by Pono Kuni Article by Felipe Medina