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UFC 155 Presser . . .


adjective ˈdəl

Definition of DULL:
1: mentally slow : stupid
2: slow in perception or sensibility : insensible dull of hearing

3: slow in action : sluggish
4: lacking in force, intensity, or sharpness <a dull ache>

5: lacking sharpness of edge or point <a dull knife>
6: lacking brilliance or luster <a dull finish>
7: low in saturation and low in lightness
8: cloudy <dull weather>
9: tedious, uninteresting <dull lectures>
That about sums it up folks . . . this was by far the most uninteresting, mentally draining and tedious undertaking I've experienced in a long time. Taking into consideration some of the lackluster affairs we've covered over the last year, that's saying a lot.
Juxtapose the sheer drudgery of covering this presser with the excitement I have for the entire UFC 155 card and you have two completely different pictures. This looks to be one of the most stacked cards of the year and although Cain and JDS came off flat at the press conference, I'm looking for an exciting if not quick fight this upcoming Saturday.
Press Highlights (ha ha) . . .
* JDS's plane was delayed getting here
* JDS had the best camp ever
* Cain watched the JDS fight with Mir and said he was a great striker
* Cain isn't mad about being a 2 to 1 underdog
* JDS believes this fight will go longer than their first outing
* Dana White is ready for 2012 to be over & hopes the injury bug will pass
* JDS is very happy with his Nike endorsement
* More talk about rematches, styles and match ups etc.
* Honestly nothing really noteworthy . . . NO Buzz & No Energy but a must see none the less . . .