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UFC on FX 6 & Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale: MJ's Picks & Parlays

After a solid showing from the UFC on FOX card last weekend, we get a double dose of the best MMA action around with the UFC on FX 6 this Friday night and the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale airing Saturday night. There are a ton of great match ups between these two cards with appearances by Matt Mitrione, Roy Nelson, Melvin Guillard, Jamie Varner, Pat Barry and Shane del Rosario on the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale alone. Not to be outdone, the UFC on FX 6 card features Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson & Palhares vs. Lombard.

If you can't get jacked for these two cards, maybe you should go bowling instead! Let's pick em'!

UFC on FX 6 Picks:

Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos

Friday nights card is headlined by the coaches of the latest overseas version of the Ultimate Fighter pitting the much improved Ross Pearson against George Sotiropoulos. While I love watching Pearson fight and I'm a big fan, I think Sotiropoulos's ground game just poses too much of a threat to Pearson's style. If Ross can stuff enough take downs, he may have a chance. I'm going with Sotiropoulos by 2nd round submission.

Rousimir Palhares vs. Hector Lombard 

I finally made the jump from the Hector Lombard train after his last debacle of a fight. I'm truly convinced now that what Dana White has been saying all along has a kernel of truth to it in that UFC Fighters as a whole are on another level. Lombard looked flat not only in his UFC debut but in the last couple of fights he had with Bellator as well. Palhares takes it to Lombard, finishes him and sends him packing.

Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale Picks:

Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione

Matt Mitrione is a great young and talented guy, but he belongs nowhere near Roy Nelson. Nelson is way too durable for Mitrione and much too experienced. Nelson can literally finish this any way he likes. Knowing Nelson though, he'll keep it standing, put on a great show and then knock Mitrione the f*ck out! K.O. by 2nd round.

Melvin Guillard vs Jamie Varner

Jamie Varner has had plenty of time to prepare for this one and while he's had a resurgence in his career, Guillard is just too dangerous of a stand up fighter for Varner. I'm feeling a quick K.O. by Melvin Guillard before the first round ends.

Pat Barry vs. Shane del Rosario

God willing, Pat Barry will finally live up to his true potential. If he's worked on anything other than rounding out his game, I'm hoping he's figured out how to gain that finishers mentality that he's been lacking. Many fights that he should have won he ended up on the wrong side of due to being too nice of a guy. If he's ever going to make a serious push for title contention, he's got to start here. Fingers crossed . . . Barry by K.O.!


3 pick: Roy Nelson, George Sotiropoulos, Melvin Guillard  - $100 to win $400

4 pick: Nelson, Sotiropoulos, Guillard, Palhares - $100 to win $1280

5 pick: Nelson, Sotiropoulos, Guillard, Palhares, Barry - $100 to win $3620

Until next time . . . Enjoy the fights!