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UFC on FOX 5: MJ's Picks & Parlays

UFC on FOX 5! Need I say more? For the benefit of those living on another planet, I'll break down the match ups on the Main Card and give my picks. For those of you with your own opinions, kindly wait until we're finished and then go post on Sherdog! This card is stacked top to bottom with exciting fights and interesting match ups that should make for a phenomenal night. How often do you get to see Ben Henderson, BJ Penn, Shogun Rua and Nate Diaz on the same card? The title fight alone is enough of a reason to tune in . . . throw in some Rua vs Gustaffson and some BJ vs MacDonald and we're looking at the best card ever on free TV.

So, without any further fanfare . . .

UFC on FOX 5 Picks:

Nate Diaz vs. Ben Henderson 

Stockton 209 WHAT?!! Ben Henderson is a true champ and I've been following him since his MFC days. He was a beast then and he's a beast now. Bendo's wrestling and athleticism will be put to a test as he defends his title against one of the best in the business. Nate Diaz is a fighter among fighters. He has the tools to dismantle Henderson both in the stand up game and on the ground. While Ben's sub defense is sick, I think Nate catches him and finishes him in either the 2nd or 3rd round. You're new 155lb Champ, Nate Diaz! Caesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu . . . WHAT!

Rory MacDonald vs. BJ Penn

If BJ can stop the MacDonald train, he will cement himself as a serious contender to once again challenge for the title. The question everyone wants answered is whether or not BJ really still has it. He'll always be one of the best to ever grace the Octagon, but his time may have just passed. Rory is just a little better at most aspects of the game and I think he puts a hurting on BJ and sends him into retirement for the last time. Rory MacDonald by lopsided decision.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs. Alexander Gustaffson

Mark my words, Shogun blasts Gustaffson early and ends this one in vintage Shogun style. No more talk of Gustaffson being the next Jon Jones, no more Goldie comparisons to MMA greats etc. Gustaffson goes back to the drawing board after this one and tries to make sure he doesn't become the next Jerry Cooney. Rua by devastating Knock Out!

Mike Swick vs. Matt Brown

This ones a little scary since Matt Brown is so damn durable. He pulls out wins that he shouldn't and this may just go his way. I'd stay away from this one straight up but as part of a four pick it may be worth the gamble. Swick outclasses Brown in just about every category except heart where "The Immortal One" edges him out just slightly. Swick has vowed that one of them is going to the hospital after this fight. I've got to go with Swick by Unanimous Decision.


2 pick: Shogun, MacDonald - $100 to win $280

3 pick: Shogun, MacDonald, Diaz - $100 to win $813

4 pick:  Shogun, MacDonald, Diaz, Swick - $100 to win $1370

Until next time . . . Enjoy the fights!