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UFC on Fuel 4 & UFC 148: MJ's Picks & Parlays

After the worst card in UFC history, UFC 147 that is, UFC 148 better deliver. The hype train is heading full steam ahead to Las Vegas, NV. and if it doesn't deliver the goods I might have to start watching back yard brawls on YouTube again. With that said, UFC 148 and the main event of UFC on Fuel 4 look as good on paper as any recent events. Anderson Silva is pissed and Chael Sonnen has been on point as always with his trash talking and comedic timing.

So, . . . here we go!

UFC on Fuel 4 Pick:

Mark Munoz VS. Chris Weidman

This is going to be a great main event for the Fuel card and I'm looking forward to it just as much as any of the fights on the UFC 148 card. For some ungodly reason, Mark Munoz is the underdog coming into this fight with Chris Weidman. While Weidman is a great wrestler, Munoz is no slouch. If I were making the odds on this one, I would have Weidman at +150 with Munoz at -200. Munoz outclasses Weidman with his power, hands, well-rounded attack style and finishing ability. This is a no brainer. Munoz takes this one hands down.

UFC 148 Picks:

Chael Sonnen VS. Anderson Silva 2

This match up should deliver one way or another. We'll either see Silva dish out a one-sided ass whooping alah (take your pick) Vitor Belfort, James Irvin, Forrest Griffin etc., or Chael will be successful in avoiding Silva and will take him down over and over like UFC 117. While the cocky American in me will be pulling for Sonnen to bring the belt home this 4th of July weekend, I just have a hard time seeing this one going his way. I'd stay away from this action but if forced would have to put money on Silva.

Forrest Griffin VS. Tito Ortiz 3

This is a great match up that has fight of the night written all over it. Tito is finally getting his just due by being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and will be looking to go out on a high note. Forrest has the opportunity to reignite his career and make a push for a title fight. If Forrest comes in with the right game plan, I think he has a chance at ending this one early with shots to the body. I'm looking for Forrest to push the pace, clinch against the cage and inflict damage to Tito's body with brutal knees. Forrest by TKO.

Dong Hyun Kim VS. Demian Maia

Demian Maia will be taking this fight at 170 and while he is an elite submission specialist, he has struggled against high-caliber wrestlers. I'll be interested to see how Maia handles the cut down to 170. It's doubtful that he'll have much of a strength advantage as he's been fighting small at 185. Kim brings a very strong wrestling and grappling game that should negate anything that Maia has for him. While there's a chance of Maia catching him, I think Kim will grind out a controlled decision. Kim by decision.

Cung Le VS. Patrick Cote

This will be an excellent test to see where both of these guys really stack up in the Middle Weight Division. Cung Le is coming off of a tough loss to Wanderlei while Cote is riding  a four fight win streak outside of the UFC after losing three straight in the Octagon and being cut. While both of these guys are great on their feet, I think Cung Le is a little more technical than Cote and I think that will be the difference. I'm going with Le by late stoppage.

Chad Mendez VS. Cody McKenzie

Trust me when I say you won't find another MMA head more supportive of Cody McKenzie and the waves he's made in such a short amount of time. To say this is a huge mismatch though is an understatement. Cody is a big guy and with a six-foot frame, I'm not sure the cut will be kind to him. Couple the cut with the fact that Mendez is a big step up in competition and this doesn't look like it will go well for McKenzie. I think Mendez comes in and makes quick work of McKenzie.


3 pick: Forrest Griffin, Dong Hyun Kim, Chad Mendez - $100 to win $160

4 pick: Forrest Griffin, Dong Hyun Kim, Chad Mendez, Mark Munoz - $100 to win $461

5 pick: Forrest Griffin, Dong Hyun Kim, Chad Mendez, Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva - $100 to win $658

6 pick: Forrest Griffin, Dong Hyun Kim, Chad Mendez, Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva, Cung Le - $100 to win $2100


Until Next Time . . . Enjoy the FIGHTS!