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Aftermath: The Written Word

Flip and I came to the general consensus that the last two days of "Action" or "Inaction" as it were didn't warrant a late night shoot and then several hours of production time. To say that we were disappointed in the way the last couple of days of fights went would be an understatement. If you could have seen Flip's face last night as we ate chicken wings and drank beer, you would have thought he had spent the last several hours watching paint dry.

With the exception of the Main Event, I liken last night to watching Bellator. A bunch of fighters you've never heard of being matched up for reasons unknown. Werdum looked great against Russow, but who concocted this? It made no sense to match these two up before the fight, and it was clear as day that it still made no sense after Werdum made short work of him.

Silva Franklin 2 delivered, but after having to watch several hours of Bellator to get there, the damage was done.

UFC on FX 4 was a marginally better show, up until the main event that is. Dancing with the Stars is currently looking to sign Guida to its next season and I for one will be sure to tune in every week! Oh wait, no I won't.

To all of you that were as thoroughly disappointed in the last couple of nights of UFC as we were, I have one suggestion . . . Check out some of Pono's highlight videos and wait patiently until the next card!