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UFC on FX 4 & UFC 147: MJ's Picks & Parlays

The combination of these two cards and the fact that we only have to pay for one of them makes this a great weekend for fights. Throw in a below average Bellator card and we might just get our fix. The must see fights in my book have to be the Main Events from both of these nights. Maynard versus Guida has classic written all over it. It's an interesting match up that will put either of these guys back at the top of the heap. The Silva Franklin rematch may not be what fans were clamoring for, but it promises to be a highlight of the weekend. While I didn't agree with the decision from their last fight, it was a great back and forth battle that showed why both of these guys have been stars for so long.

So, without further ado . . . here we go!

UFC on FX 4 Picks:

Gray Maynard VS. Clay Guida

This is a great match up featuring two of the top 155 pound fighters in the UFC. Both of these guys have been on the big stage for most of their careers and a win here could put either one closer to a title shot. I think that Maynard's wrestling will be the deciding factor here and I'm expecting a Unanimous Decision nod for the Bully.

Sam Stout VS. Spencer Fisher 3

This is another great match up that no one was really clamoring for, but should be entertaining none the less. Stout has shown consistent improvement over the years and has been performing better than Fisher as of late. I think Stout takes this one in surprising fashion and puts an end to Fisher's UFC career.

Brian Ebersole VS. TJ Waldberger

If there was one fight on this card that I would want to stay away from, it would be this one. TJ is still a bit of an unknown commodity and while Ebersole has shown a tremendous amount of unpredictability both on his feet and on the ground, TJ's ground game could give Ebersole trouble. With that said, Ebersole is no slouch on the ground. I guess we'll see how good these guys really are. I give the edge to Ebersole but would stay away from this one in straight up bets.

Ross Pearson VS. Cub Swanson

Both of these guys are phenomenal to watch and always put on interesting fights. While Cub was a big draw in the WEC, he hasn't quite made the same impact after coming over to the UFC. I think Pearson out muscles him and takes this fight wherever he is comfortable taking it. I see Pearson finishing Swanson and then making a push for the 145 lb title.

UFC 147 Picks:

Wanderlei Silva VS. Rich Franklin 2

I just don't see this one going the same way their first encounter went, both in the fact that it went to a decision and the fact that Franklin came away with the win. My fingers are crossed that "The Axe Murderer" shows up and knocks Franklin out. My pension for nostalgia coupled with my general ambivalence towards Franklin may be showing, but I have to go with Silva by KO in this rematch that really shouldn't have happened.

Fabricio Werdum VS. Mike Russow

While no one can argue about Russow's record and what he has accomplished in his relatively short career, there is not doubt that this is a gigantic leap in competition for him. I think that Werdum's striking is a couple notches ahead of Russow's and on the ground they aren't even in the same league. If Russow is the real deal, we'll find out at UFC 147. I'm just hoping a motivated and well-trained Werdum shows up. I'm going with Werdum by finish.


3 pick: Pearson, Ebersole, Werdum - $100 to win $160

4 pick: Pearson, Ebersole, Werdum, Stout - $100 to win $250

5 pick: Pearson, Ebersole, Werdum, Stout, Maynard - $100 to win $350

6 pick: Pearson, Ebersole, Werdum, Stout, Maynard, Silva - $100 to win $1000


Until Next Time . . . Enjoy the FIGHTS!