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Finish Heavy FESTIBRAWL Brings the Pain!

In a night seeing 8 finishes out of the 12 contested fights, Tuff-N-Uff once again showcased some of the best action in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts with Friday Nights FESTIBRAWL! Tuff-N-Uff's May show was much more than just a night of fights, it was the must attend event of Las Vegas last Friday night that featured gourmet food trucks, free beer and whisky tasting, bikini bull riding, live music and an atmosphere that keeps people coming back month after month.

Featuring a Womens 115 lb Title Fight, a Super Heavyweight Co Main Event and the finale of the Mens 145 lb Tournament, the FESTIBRAWL was jam-packed with solid match making and hungry competitors looking to take their career to the next level.

In womens action, Chelsea "The Hammer" Lewis lived up to her nick name by laying the hammer down on her opponent and winning by stunning knockout. It was the first win of her career and doing it in this fashion surely put the rest of the ladies in the 115 lb weight class on notice. In the Womens Title Fight of the Night, Kaiyana Rain quickly submitted Jordan Gaza by guillotine to take the 115 lb strap. It was an impressive showing and one that is sure to draw attention to this up and coming prospect.

In the clear-cut K.O. of the Night, Charles "Chucky" Williams's big left hand sent Walter Downing Jr. crashing to the canvass.  It was an action filled 35 seconds that saw these two Super Heavyweights exchange punches, slam into the cage at break neck speed and then the abrupt and decisive finish by "Chucky". The follow-up match that was on the minds of many fans in attendance is the potential for a Super Fight between reigning Heavyweight Champ Carl Postma and Charles "Chucky" Williams. It would be a barn burner for sure, but whether Williams could cut down to Heavyweight remains to be seen.

Submission of the Night was a slick triangle choke that saw Art Nicholas tap out Ryan Becker in a 125 lb affair. The second round submission win came after a close first that also saw Nicholas rolling for an arm bar off of his back.  Clearly, the "Spider Monkey" has been working on his ground game and it's starting to pay off. This win puts Art Nicholas at 3-2 with his competitor falling to an even 1-1.

Performance of the Night has to go to the 145lb Tournament Champion Rick James. Rick squared off against a very game and very dangerous Josh Grevas in the Main Event of the evening. Rick's transitions, striking and aggressiveness proved to be the deciding factor in taking his record to a perfect 3-0 with his T.K.O. stoppage of Grevas. In what we've dubbed the "Rick James Swarm", Rick finished Grevas by effectively transitioning from position to position while continuing to land precision strikes

July 6th marks Tuff-N-Uff's next show in what promises to be another event you won't want to miss.

For highlight footage of FESTIBRAWL, check out the embedded video:


Full Event Results:

Josh Bleeker defeated Daniel Cuison via KO (1st Round)

Charles Lee defeated Luiz De Franca via UD

Art Nicholas defeated Ryan Becker via Triangle Choke (2nd Round)

Adam Aquaviva defeated Joshua Sanchez via UD

Chelsea Lewis defeated Lindsey Carter via KO (1st Round)

Jerome Ataman defeated Shai Lindsey via UD

Tommy Gavin vs. Shane Johnson - Technical Draw - (Both Fighters Cut)

Jonny Parson defeated Chris Sherley via TKO (3rd Round)

Montel Williams defeated Charles Weast via TKO (1st Round)

Kaiyana Rain defeated Jordan Gaza via Guillotine (1st Round - 115lb Title)

Charles Williams defeated Walter Downing Jr. via KO (1st Round)

Rick James defeated Josh Grevas via TKO (1st Round - 145lb Tournament Title)

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