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UFC 146 Press Conference: Highlights & Tidbits

If you weren't able to make it to the UFC 146 Press Conference held yesterday at MGM, we've got you covered. It was a Press Conference for the ages as it gave both the Media and Fans alike the opportunity to hear from all of the main event participants. UFC 146 will feature an all Heavyweight Main Card presenting a who's who of the Heavyweight scene. If you're not planning on attending, be sure to check out UFC 146 on Pay Per View this upcoming Saturday as it promises to be an event you won't want to miss.

The hands down star of the Press Conference was Frank Mir. His ability to break down match ups, exude confidence, flame certain media folks for stupid questions all while being entertaining was truly refreshing. With so many fighters that are just . . . well . . . fighters, it's great to see an intelligent, well spoken and well thought out guy like Frank talk shop. He definitely belongs back in the commentating booth when he's done with his fight career.

Highlights & Tidbits Worthy of Mention

  • When asked what it was like to be a veteran of 10 UFC fights at the tender age of 24, Stefan Struve stated that he is just getting started and that he plans on retiring with 50-60 Octagon appearances.
  • Dave Herman was introduced as, "The Hairiest Fighter in UFC History." Funny stuff. He's since shaved his back and relinquished his "Sasquatch" nickname.
  • "If we had no time limits, I'd win all of them!". ~ Big Country on his thoughts on previous losses.
  • Antonio "Big Foot" Silva has dropped 20 pounds since his last outing with help from Mike Dolce. In case you're wondering, yes, he has Big Feet. Huge to be exact.
  • 156-20 is the compiled record of the 10 Heavyweights fighting on the Main Card of UFC 146.
  • Frank Mir celebrated his 33rd B-Day yesterday. HAPPY B-Day Frank! He is now the 2nd longest tenured active fighter in the UFC. He will take the reins as the longest tenured fighter after Tito Ortiz's last fight.
  • Junior Dos Santos confirmed that he did indeed sleep with his belt the night he took the title from Cain. He was quoted as saying, "It was a Special Moment for me." Frank Mir then quipped that his wife wouldn't let him sleep with it either time he took the title home although he tried.

That's about it for the Press Conference. Be sure to check back for post fight analysis and breakdown after UFC 146.

Until Next Time . . .