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Bellator 70: MJ's Picks & Parlays

With the abomination that was Bellator 69, here's to hoping they can figure things out with BFC 70. The long awaited Heavyweight Title match up between Prindle and Konrad will finally take place along with the Lightweight Tourney final between Hawn and Weedman. Bellator 69 was probably the most disappointing card of the season as it saw Megumi Fujii robbed yet again by judges that shouldn't be judging T-Ball let alone Professional MMA. Falcao again looked lackluster as he humped his way to another decision win. His failure to deliver what he promises time and time again has me second guessing his value as a true commodity with Bellator. At this point, if he never fights again for the UFC, no one will care.

The season finale of Bellator has some interesting match ups as well as the return of Rich Clementi. It's worth tuning in, but their finale can't even hold a candle to the event that follows just 24 hours later, UFC 146.

Let's get this dog and pony show on the road . . .

Bellator  70 Picks:

Cole Konrad VS. Eric Prindle (Heavyweight Championship - Who are we kidding?)

Can you say UNDERDOG?! While Cole Konrad isn't the flashiest striker or finisher, one things for sure . . . he can wrestle. Couple that with his power both standing and on the ground and you have a grinder that can control this fight from start to finish. Prindle has some serious power in his hands as well, but Konrad should be able to negate that by taking this fight to the mat. I see Konrad controlling this fight on the ground and either finishing with a GNP TKO or a Unanimous Decision.

Brent Weedman VS. Rick Hawn (Lightweight Tournament Final)

Both of these guys have been solid competitors for quite some time and bring well rounded skill sets into the Bellator Circle. Hawn has shown K.O. power in his last couple of outings and may have the mental edge here. Weedman is coming off of a close split decision win entering the Tourney Final. This is a tougher pick than the lines would indicate, but my gut still says Hawn.

Hiroshi Nakamura VS. Luis Nogueira (Bantamweight Semifinal)

The fact that Luis Nogueira was able to beat Alexis Vila the way he did is enough for me. Both Nakamura and Nogueira are known for drawing out decision wins and this one should be the same. I wasn't overly impressed by Nakamura in his last win and as he has next to no chance finishing Nogueira, I've got to give the nod to Luis.

Rich Clementi VS. Derek Campos

This is a tough one to call as Rich has been on shaky ground lately and Derek Campos is virtually unknown. The line on this one is set the way it is for exactly that reason. You have to instinctively give the edge to Clementi, but who really knows. I'd stay away from this one, but if you have to include it in any wagering, Clementi's experience and desire to not be embarrassed again should be the difference maker.

Value Bet: It may be worth just throwing $10 on Prindle just as a hedge against anything else you do this weekend.

3 pick: Konrad, Hawn, Nogueira - $115 to win $100

4 pick: Konrad, Hawn, Nogueira, Clementi - $100 to win $200

Until Next Time . . .