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Can I Get an AMEN?

For those of us that have experienced it, nothing compares to being at a live sporting event. The feel of the crowd, the chills running up and down your spine and the energy that a group can create is unlike anything else out there. Except for the occasional Joel Osteen sermon, no one does it better in live entertainment than Mixed Martial Arts when it's done the right way. I've attended live sporting events of all kinds. Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Kickboxing and of course Mixed Martial Arts. All I know is that when an MMA promotion gets it right, magic happens that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Of all of the magic moments I've experienced,  from being there live when Anderson Silva front kick K.O.'d Vitor Belfort, to the masterpiece Nick Diaz delivered in his thumping of B.J. Penn, none have compared to the buzz and wonder of Fedor Emelianenko dismantling Tim Sylvia in under a minute. The grandeur of the scene and oneness of that crowd in Anaheim was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was surreal. It was beautiful. A portion of that same euphoria is available to anyone that attends a live MMA event done right.

For fight fans across the globe, the common denominators for a good night of fights usually boils down to three simple things. First and foremost is the need for willing combatants that are well prepared and looking to put on a true performance. Second, and usually most overlooked, is the need for properly matched up bouts that will bring the best out of both athletes. Third, A well thought out and well-managed promotion to make sure there is little down time between match ups, proper officiating and fighter safety preparations.

From Southern California to Southern Nevada, the Holy Trinity of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts is made up of three promotions that could easily compete against the best in the country for the title of #1 promotion. It makes for a great environment in the Las Vegas area for amateurs and creates a great platform for developing the next stars of MMA.

Las Vegas MMA has been making waves in the amateur combat sports arena since 2009. They consistently put on great shows and have been hosting fights primarily at the Las Vegas Hilton. It's a great venue and very fan friendly. Las Vegas MMA's most recent event was held at the Extreme Thing Festival at Desert Breeze Park  on March 31st. It was a very successful event with some great fights. We're looking for some great things from Las Vegas MMA in the next year and we're excited to cover their events. For footage, be sure to check out a couple of videos we have posted on our YouTube page featuring Justin Driggers and Tyler Newton here.

Sin City Fight Promotions and it's founders have been in the fight game for quite some time and it shows. Their match making, production and professionalism is second to none. Coming off of an exciting and successful card of fights on March 23rd, they are already getting ready for their next event on May 11th. They'll no doubt be putting on another great night of fights at the  South Point Casino. Tickets start at only $25 and at that price, you just can't afford not to be there live.

Tuff-N-UFF is the juggernaut of them all and has been an intrical part of developing amateur MMA in Las Vegas and Southern California since day one. Their last show at the South Point Arena was something to behold and I covered it here if you are interested in checking out the article. It was a true spectacle and a class act. Tuff-N-Uff will be hosting another show at the South Point Arena on May 25th in another don't miss event. Check out some of the great footage we got at their most recent event, The Fist-ival.

For anyone planning a trip to the Las Vegas area, Las Vegas locals, or anyone in Southern California that makes a regular pilgrimage to Sin City, be sure to carve out some time for an action packed and affordable night of entertainment. The production value, match making and overall feel of the shows these three promoters produce put many regional professional MMA shows to shame.

You owe it to yourself to experience the best that Vegas has to offer.