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Are You Ready for a WAR?! Tuff-N-Uff's Fist-ival Delivers!

TUF-N-UFF delivered another knock out card of amateur mixed martial arts Saturday Night at the South Point Hotel & Casino Arena in Las Vegas. The stacked night featured 4 title fights on the 14 bout card of both men's and women's action. In a style and flair that only TUF-N-UFF and Las Vegas can bring, the venue included a live band, VIP seating areas with bottle service and a big show feel that you just can't get in amateur MMA anywhere else. As I caught glances of attendees Dan Hardy, Jake Ellenberger, Dave Herman and a host of other UFC fighters, I realized that Stich Duran and Chandella were sitting right in front of me. This is amateur MMA? Yes it is . . . TUF-N-UFF style.

Even better than the laser lights, Pride style entrances and unmatched professionalism . . . THE FIGHTS!

The Main Event of the Night featured Carl Postma as he defended his Heavyweight Title against David "The Puerto Rican Guerrilla" Sands. Postma outsized, out fought and out scaried Sands as he made quick work of him with a thunderous slam to the mat and text-book Americana finish in the very first round. It was a dominant display by Postma and he'll be on everyone's radar in the years to come.

In the Co-Main Event of the Evening, Ashlee Evans-Smith was matched up with Bridgette Batch for the 140lb Women's Title. Ashlee showed superior cage savvy as she dictated the tempo, placed her opponent up against the cage and easily controlled the first two rounds. The third round was a back and forth stand up battle as Batch tried to impose her will on Smith to no avail. Ashlee Evans-Smith took the Unanimous Decision nod and the Gold.

My pick for K.O. & "Come Back Fight of the Night" goes to Rick James with his gutsy win over game competitor Tanner Robertson. Tanner gave James more than he may have bargained for during the first round and nearly ended the fight with a vicious neck crank. James dug deep and flatly refused to tap as time expired in the first. A re-focused James stuffed a shot from Robertson early in the second round and capitalized in a big way clipping Tanner with a right hand that crumpled him against the cage. It ensured that his refusal to tap was not in vain and catapulted him to the final round of TUF-N-UFF's Featherweight Tournament.

The Full Card Results:

Shai Lindsey defeated Matt Villagomez via TKO in the second.

David Lopez defeated Leron Haynes via TKO in the first.

Christine Ferea defeated Jamie Herod via TKO in the first.

Rick James defeated Tanner Robertson via KO in the second.

Carlo Juinio defeated Art Nicholas by Unanimous Decision.

Josh Grevas defeated Chris Gomez by Unanimous Decision.

Jeff Roman defeated JJ Dancler via Americana in the first.

Paulina Granados defeated Jordan McDonald by Split Decision.

Chris Sherley defeated Marty Bindschatel by TKO.

Sean Cantor defeated Farley Thomas by Unanimous Decision.

Jocelyn Lybarger defeated Ashely Yoder via Split Decision. (125lb Women's Title)

Jake Swinney defeated Jake Malili via Triangle Choke. (Lightweight Title)

Ashlee Evans-Smight defeated Bridgette Batch via Unan Decision. (140lb Women's Title)

Carl Postma defeated David Sands via Americana. (Heavyweight Title)

With eight finishes on the card, The Fist-ival delivered in a major way. The glitz and glam of the TUF-N-UFF show was only outshined by the performances in the cage. If you're looking to experience the best in Amateur MMA, be sure to be in Vegas for their next card on May 25th.

Until next time . . .