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The Future of MMA

The results of a recently conducted Gallup Poll are out and it has MMA fans literally flipping out. The poll focused on up and coming Mixed Martial Artists and polled over 100 of the largest MMA Gym's & Training Centers across America to finally put an end to the hotly contested question . . . "What's the best base skill set to have before embarking on a career in combat sports? Wrestling, Striking, Jiu Jitsu?" The answer may surprise you and has sparked some controversy within the fighting community. According to the newly released report, over 91% of all Gym's agreed that Gymnastics was the hands down winner in the battle for supremacy. When the likes of UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St. Pierre turned to gymnastics, the community took notice and has been revamping their approach ever since. In just a few short years, the face of MMA training has changed.

But most fans are asking, "Is it for the better?!".

Legendary coach and game plan mastermind, Greg Jackson, was recently quoted as saying, "When I get a guy on the balance beam for the first time, I can tell if he's going to make it in MMA within 30 seconds. There's no substitute for the skill set you can gain on a balance beam that you can find anywhere else. Wrestling, Striking, Submissions, they just don't help you the way the beam does. Watching Carlos Condit for the first time on the beam was like magic. I knew we'd be able to throw his striking and aggressiveness right out the door when I saw how fast he could move on the beam. When you're that agile and light-footed on the beam, it's a breeze to avoid engaging your opponent in the cage."

When we reached UFC President Dana White for his thoughts on this new direction in MMA, he said, "Mixed Martial Arts has beenĀ  fucking evolving since the fucking beginning and this may fucking usher in one of the most fucking exciting fucking era's the sport has ever fucking seen. Fuck, fuck, fuck. We're working on incorporating the fucking vault into our fucking Octagon entrances and we've been experimenting with a bouncier fucking ring surface for more acrobatic kicks, flips and fucking finishes." While the rumors of uneven bars and rings being installed in the cage are untrue, Dana did confirm another longstanding one saying, "The rumors of us gutting the remaining Strikeforce talent is true. We're also excited to announce the addition of a Woman's Division to the UFC. Olympic Gold Medalist and American sweetheart Mary Lou Retton will be making her Octagon debut very soon!".

While MMA purists may be wary of the changing face of their beloved sport, one things for sure, gymnastics isn't just for girls anymore!