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The Month in MMA: March Edition

With only one major UFC event in the month of March, many casual fans may have expected extreme MMA withdrawal heading in to April. Educated fans, on the other hand, knew exactly where to look for their fix of K.O.'s, Submissions and combat sport. Our goal at Fight Life Media is to keep our readers and viewers informed about what's coming up on the local and nation level and what they should keep their eyes open for. In addition to the UFC on FX 2 event, March also featured some spectacular action from Strikeforce, the new season of Bellator Fighting Championships and the start of the latest TUF Series.

With that said, here we go . . .

My K.O. of the month was an easy pick as Pat Curran dismantled Joe Warren at Bellator 60 early in March. In what can only be described as excessive, the drumming Curran gave Warren to win the Featherweight Title was one of the most brutal displays of uncontested striking you'll ever see. It's a must see and you owe it to yourself to check it out if you already haven't. Runner up to Curran's masterpiece was the Flying Knee K.O. that Vitor Vianna suffered complements of Brian Rogers. It was Rogers 3rd K.O. via Flying Knee and it advanced him on to the next round of this years BFC Middleweight Tournament. If you haven't seen Rogers fight, you need to.

Submission of the Month was a much closer affair and a harder pick to cement. Both of my finalists prompted "Oh shit, oh shit, oh no!" responses from me as I vicariously experienced the pain of limbs being bent ways they shouldn't be. My first finalist for Sub of the Month is Lloyd Woodard for his performance at Bellator 62. Donning his best Frank Mir impression, Woodard dislocated Patricky Freiri's elbow with a nasty kimura from top position. Pitbull was lucky it wasn't worse. My second finalist for Sub of the Month goes to Rhonda "Don't bring your arm with you into the cage if you want to keep it" Rousy in her Strikeforce Title Fight. I squirmed around anxiously as she exhibited her brute strength and technique with an arm bar only a mother could love. It was truly ugly. By far one of the sickest arm bars of all times. During the post fight conference, Meisha Tate said her arm was ok, but if you saw the fight it's kind of hard to believe. I hate to snub Rousy here, but the fact that Woodard subbed the tourney favorite, a BJJ Black Belt at that, edges her our just slightly. Woodard gets Sub o' the Month in my book.

Are you noticing a trend here?

My pick for Fight of the Month lands under the Zuffa umbrella and goes to Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of poise and skill that McCall brought in his big show debut and am looking forward to the rematch. Both guys showed great heart and the non stop action made this a classic match up. Either one of these guys could end up taking the 125 pound title home and it'll be fun to see both of these guys go at it again with the winner facing Benevidez. Coming in as a close second place for Fight of the Month was Curran vs. Warren. The adrenaline rush and pure thrill of seeing Joe Warren, the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man On the Planet", get throttled, made it a natural pick for me.

All in all, March was a great month of MMA with some honorable mentions going out to the guys fighting on this years Season of TUF.

April should prove to be a great month as well with 2 UFC cards on April 14 & April 21st as well as Bellator Cards running every week of the month on Friday Nights on MTV2. Throw in the TUF fights as well as some local action and April looks pretty good.

As always, keep your eyes open for MJ's Picks & Parlays, the Mano E Mano picks show, Flip N' MJ's Aftermath Show (Coming Soon) and some other articles and local coverage coming your way.

Until next time . . . Peace.